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Wows Coaching

Think for yourself. Question reality.

W hat would it be like, if you could just see yourself from a new perspective, a new light, from a distance, looking down on you as a baby, just born. With a completely blank personality. The only programming you have are instincts. You are ready to live, ready to take on the world.

As you look at yourself down there, through the years, do you see what, and who, have influenced your views on the world, your behaviours, your personality, what has shaped you into the person you are today? What did your parents tell you? What about the teachers, culture, politics, media, friends? These people have shaped that little baby into the person you are today, haven’t they?

As of now, you’ve been ‘programmed’ by the world around you. All this is okay, it’s normal, why reinvent the wheel over and over again, right? The good thing is that you can learn a lot from your environment and the people around you. But sometimes they’ll teach you the wrong stuff. Sometimes everybody seems to say it’s impossible, until someone comes along who doesn’t know that and proves it to be possible.

The map you have of reality is just a map, there might be some things that are true in the real world, but are not shown on the map. You can compare it to the map of London. It is a representation of London, but it’s not London. There are things in London that are not on the map. The map is a generalization of London. Sometimes your map is completely wrong. And that’s where you want to work on, questioning those beliefs will open up new possibilities and will bring you forward in life. Some things you were told as a kid and later in life are totally wrong, and might be holding you back at the moment. For example, it’s okay to talk to strangers, there are no creeps in dark alleys, you don’t need a college education to be succesful in life. Your reality has been spoonfed to you since the day you were born. And now it’s time to

Reclaim your mind, think for yourself, question reality.

Think of something that you have always believed to be true up until now and question that belief. Pick a belief that you know is holding you back in some possible way. Simply open yourself up to the possibility that the belief might be false, or at least isn’t always the case. You’ll see the world in a neutral way, go about your life in neutral mode, no judgement, no preconceived ideas. Just be. And you might start to become aware of reality as it really is, the reality that is not filtered, distorted and generalized by other influences outside your control.

Start thinking for yourself, this is your life.

Wows Coaching


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